The modular construction method is used to produce permanent quality classrooms, offices, hospitals and buildings for many more applications, up to 70% faster than traditional construction. Modular buildings are interim or permanent structures that have been constructed using off-site manufactured, pre-fabricated units called modules. Hence the terms modular construction and modular buildings.

  1. Ready-to-use

    The modular construction process consists of the following steps:

    1. Individual modules are built off site under factory conditions. Typically, modules for modular construction projects are fully-fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes.
    2. Modules are delivered to the site by a lorry.
    3. Modules are then craned into position.
    4. They can be connected side-by-side or end-to-end and interconnected to create multiple storeys.
    5. Any additional fit-outs are carried out according to your specific needs.

    That's why modular construction is such a fast way to achieve your aims. Modular buildings give you both speed and certainty.

  2. Minimal time on site

    Your modular buildings, such as modular office buildings, will be manufactured off site. This process prevents delays faced on traditional site-based builds such as adverse weather or labour shortages and minimises the construction time of your modular construction project. Once delivered to site, modules are craned into position to produce a watertight modular structure within days.

  3. Complete flexibility

    Modular construction offers the flexibility to create buildings to any scale, also allowing the addition or removal of building units as your needs change. Buildings can also be moved to another site at any time, complete with components and all essential parts intact.

    Perfect for healthcare, classrooms, offices and more, you can scale up or downsize without disruption. If you own a Portakabin building that you no longer require, we also offer buy-back options to help you get the best from your investment.

Is modular construction expensive?

Modular buildings are a cost-effective alternative, perfect for unlimited uses. Costs are kept low because labour takes place off site, construction schedules are shorter, and there is far less material waste. We can also discuss buying back modular buildings or setting up a national agreement.

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  1. Is modular building sustainable?

    Modular construction can have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional on-site projects. Building modules off site results in 90% less vehicle movements and up to 90% less waste. Portakabin uses lean manufacturing processes to achieve this. We were also the first modular building company to meet the challenges of the Major Contractors Group Sustainability Charter.

  1. When did modular construction start?

    Modular building units date back to the 19th Century. A London-based carpenter wanted to create a prefabricated building to help his son emigrate to Australia. In 1837, he built the first prefabricated home. Things have come a long way since then, and we now work with far more sustainable, long-lasting methods.

  1. How long do modular buildings last?

    Though modular buildings can be used for temporary settings, they are made with durable steel frames which gives them longevity. All of our modules are totally weather resistant and come with a 30-year structural warranty.

Discover more benefits, how programme times compare against traditional methods and what sets Portakabin and our buildings apart from the rest of the modular construction industry.

The rapid installation time combined with reduced planning conditions meant we could get the building completed within our limited timeframe. Close liaison with our Estates team ensured that all the challenges associated with site logistics and connections to infrastructure were overcome in a timely manner.

Ian Jones, Head of Property Services, Cardiff Metropolitan University
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