We understand the pivotal role that cutting-edge facilities play in enhancing performance for elite and professional, or amateur and community sports. Our solutions go beyond the ordinary, offering larger communal spaces, clubhouses, and unparalleled hospitality setups to transform your venue into a thriving hub of activity.

Professional and amateur sport

Our carefully designed layouts not only meet the stringent regulations of governing bodies such as the FA and RFU but also create spaces that cater to your needs, be it permanent or temporary.

Choose from a variety of procurement options tailored to your requirements. Whether it's through hiring, buying new, or buying refurbished, we offer flexibility to suit your financial and operational needs.

Recognising the importance of inclusivity, we take pride in our dedicated women's facilities and accessible spaces.

  1. Elite sports

    Our versatile offerings find popularity in a multitude of spaces, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Explore how our innovative products and services enhance the following areas.

    Stadium Fan Zones

    Elevate the fan experience with our cutting-edge solutions designed to create an unforgettable atmosphere in stadium fan zones. From dynamic displays to immersive technologies, we redefine the way fans engage with live events.

    Performance Centres

    Maximise the potential of performance centres with our tailored solutions, providing athletes and trainers with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to enhance training regimens and optimise performance outcomes.

  1. Academy Classrooms

    Create a conducive learning environment with our products designed specifically for academy classrooms. Foster a culture of excellence by integrating technology that supports educational objectives and facilitates collaborative learning.

    Physio Rooms

    Our solutions for physio rooms prioritize the well-being of athletes and patients. From specialized equipment to smart rehabilitation tools, we ensure that physiotherapists have the resources needed to deliver effective and efficient care.

    Hospitality Areas

    Transform hospitality areas into dynamic spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests. Our innovative solutions enhance the overall experience, from interactive displays to customized amenities that cater to diverse preferences.

  1. Merchandise Stands

    Boost merchandising efforts with our solutions designed to captivate customers. Elevate the shopping experience through interactive displays, digital signage, and streamlined transactions, ensuring a seamless journey for every visitor.

    Changing Rooms

    Upgrade changing rooms with our premium solutions, providing athletes and individuals with a comfortable and functional space. Our products are designed to enhance privacy, hygiene, and overall user experience.

  1. Officials’ Changing Rooms

    Prioritise the needs of officials with our solutions tailored for their changing rooms. Create a professional environment that supports their requirements, ensuring they can focus on their duties with confidence.

    Medical Buildings

    In medical buildings, precision and reliability are paramount. Our medical environments are crafted to meet the highest standards, providing support healthcare professionals in delivering exceptional care.

  1. Amateur and Community Sports

    We are committed to fostering community engagement through sports, and our facilities often serve as vibrant hubs for the entire community. Popular uses include:

    • State-of-the-art Physio Rooms that prioritise athlete well-being
    • Inviting Hospitality Areas for a premium experience
    • Changing rooms that redefine comfort and functionality
    • Officials’ changing rooms
    • Medical buildings.
Case studies
Fully accessible toilets

Everton Football Club

Working with a very tight building footprint, the unit was installed directly outside Goodison Road stadium and vinyl wrapped in club colours

The feedback from our fans has been fantastic. Portakabin has not only met, but exceeded our expectations and have provided us with a top quality facility that has delivered on all levels.

Richard Cairns, Facilities Manager, Everton Football Club

Carshalton Athletic Football Club

Case Studies

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