The Portakabin management team is fully dedicated to providing its clients with high quality, tailor-made workspaces with the same acoustic and environmental standards as traditional buildings. We deliver the projects we design for our partners on time and on budget, true to our promises.

  1. Leadership Team

    Executive Leadership Team

    • Dan Ibbetson – Chief Executive Officer
    • Gavin Urwin - Chief Financial Officer
    • John Collins – Chief Operating Officer
    • Kim Panton - Director
    • Robert Snook - Director
    • Steve Newell – Director
    • Simon Pollard - Director
    • Simon Thomson - General Counsel & Company Secretary  

    S172 Statement

    In line with the reporting requirements of the Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 for a separately identifiable section 172 (s172) statement, we have set out our stakeholders and how the matters set out in s172 of the Companies Act 2006 have been considered and discussed in board discussions and decision-making.                                  

    Stakeholder engagement and the impact of that engagement on board decisions and capital allocation is determined at Board level. Stakeholders include shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and the local communities where we operate. Further discussion of these stakeholders, including stakeholder concerns and engagement mechanisms is set out on pages 4 and 5 of the Report & Accounts Financial Year Ended 31 December 2022. The Company’s stakeholders are discussed below:                     

    Engagement with Employees

    The Directors recognise that the Company’s employees and their knowledge and skills are fundamental underpins of the long-term success of the business. The Company actively promotes being a responsible employer along with a working environment based on the promotion of equal opportunities for all, irrespective of disability, ethnic origin, gender or any other considerations that do not affect a person’s ability to perform their job, freedom from discrimination and where every employee can deliver on their potential and make the fullest possible contribution. Our gender pay gap report is available at:

    The Company takes a proactive approach to engaging with employees through a variety of methods such as a company intranet, company website, social media, monthly newsletters, video briefings, weekly health and safety briefings, team talks and 1-2-1 meetings. In 2022 the Board appointed a non-executive director with specific responsibility for employee engagement. The Company has recently been shortlisted for three awards at the UK InsideOut awards, recognising the importance we place on the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.                                                                             

    We conduct an employee engagement survey called Your Voice on a regular basis. The results of these surveys are reviewed by the Board and Executive Leadership Team and every employee is provided with a summary of their team’s response through their manager. This means that we can reflect on our collective feedback, with managers putting actions in place to respond to the needs of their teams. We carried out two Your Voice surveys in 2022 (May and November). The November survey indicated strong levels of employee engagement relative to benchmark companies with a score of 7.7 (out of 10) and both surveys had a participation rate of over 80%.                                                                   

    In 2022 we partnered with a health, safety and wellbeing culture change consultancy to support the business in the next phase of our journey towards Zero Harm and the further development of our culture.   

    Our policies for recruitment, training, career development and promotion of employees is based on the suitability of the individual and give those who are disabled equal treatment with the able bodied.                                                                                 

    All employees are given the opportunity to develop through a variety of learning interventions - including online digital learning, leadership development, professional skills training and apprenticeships and company sponsored development opportunities.                         

    We have a Code of Conduct which gives all employees guidance on business ethics and expected behaviours. All employees are encouraged to raise concerns through an independently hosted speaking up service.                                                                                 

    Engagement with Customers, Suppliers and Others

    Customers: We maintain dialogue with our customers through regular points of engagement (including customer surveys) in order to gain insight into what matters most to our customers. We use industry standard NPS and CSI metrics to measure our performance and customer loyalty. These metrics are used to identify areas for improvement as part of a continual improvement cycle.                                                                              

    Suppliers: We engage and have regular dialogue with our strategic suppliers through our procurement teams to ensure they understand and meet the standards expected of them in areas such as ethical trading, considerations of safety and environmental impact. Suppliers are required to sign up to a Supplier Code of Conduct and are subject to regular audits to confirm compliance with these standards.  The Board is provided details of the payment practices on a regular basis. Details of the Company’s payment practices, policies and performance can be found at                                                         

    Environment: The Board recognises that continued urgent action is required to address the global impacts of climate change and take seriously the responsibility the Company has for the impacts it has on the environment. The Company is focused on applying innovations in sustainable technologies for future deployment to customers as well as working with key suppliers to source renewable materials and reduce emissions. An ESG materiality assessment was undertaken during 2022, the outputs of which have formed the basis for the development of our ESG strategy and net zero roadmap.                                                        

    Local Communities: The Company has a Community Support Policy that directs funding and resources to support individuals and organisations and has a number of partnerships with a variety of charities, voluntary organisations and community groups. Employees regularly get involved in community activity through our volunteering days. We seek to employee and train people in the communities we work in, and the Company operates an apprenticeship scheme across a broad range of skills and roles supporting the learning and development of those apprentices as they start their careers                                                                                   

    Shareholders: Shareholders: The Company seeks to act fairly in its dealings with its shareholders by ensuring that it acts in accordance with its Articles of Association, through regular dialogue with its ultimate parent company by ensuring that all business arrangements are approved in accordance with delegated authorities and Group Approvals Process and are in the long-term interests of the Company.          

    Tax Strategy
    View the Portakabin Tax Strategy. 

    Pension Fund:
    View the Portakabin Pension Fund Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).
    View the Engagement Policy Implementation Statement 


    Portakabin does extraordinary things for its customers and coupled with phenomenal year-on-year growth, we have been able to continue our track record of strong performance whilst planning for the future; setting new goals and adapting the organisation to achieve these.


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