Much more than just an off-the-shelf solution, your building can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Choose from a range of exterior and interior design options that enhance the comfort, security and appearance of your Portakabin building or stand-alone portable cabin, from an outdoor shelter to internal fixtures and fittings.

  1. Interior options for comfort, security and performance

    The interior options available to ensure you have a fully-functioning, welcoming and productive workspace include:

    • High-quality furniture and furnishings from a workstation, to a full laboratory or industrial kitchen
    • Fire and Security Systems, CCTV and Access control
    • High-performance climate-control systems including all in one heat pumps for smaller buildings applications
    • Complete data cabling and networking solutions


    Acoustic Panels from Saint-Gobain Ecophon

    Portakabin partners with Saint-Gobain Ecophon to deliver world class acoustically engineered spaces. Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems that contribute to a good working environment by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance.

    Choosing a series of Ecophon Solo™ Square panels in your Portakabin building offer improved acoustic quality from day one. The Akutex™ FT surface in combination with the glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption. With the smaller pores, the product is even more dirt repellent, making the surface easier to clean.

    Installation takes minutes as the panels attach to the ceiling of your Portakabin building using magnets, meaning any building can be easily retrofitted.

  2. Exterior options for aesthetics, access and individuality

    Our exterior design options enable you to ensure that your building blends with its surroundings or reflects your brand, with:

    • Colour options and specialist finishes including vinyl or cladding
    • Stylish fascia
    • Outdoor shelter options such as canopies and covered walkways
    • Different roof types
    • Ramps, steps, lifts and external staircases for easy access
    • A host of window options to maximise the natural light inside or provide privacy where required
    • External landscaping finishes and play areas
  3. Green design options

    You can select a range of sustainable design options to enhance the environmental performance of your building such as low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies like solar heating systems, passive ventilation, air-source and ground-source heat pumps. Features like green roofs can also be incorporated into your building.

    As a standard, we include energy-efficient lighting and provide heating controlled by wireless controllers. In addition, incorporating passive natural ventilation minimises energy consumption giving both environmental and economic benefits as well as creating a comfortable working environment.

    Options are also available for upgrading your building to include lean, clean and green technologies.

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Portakabin offers Damage Waiver for all hire buildings

Many of our customers choose Portakabin Damage Waiver for added peace of mind.

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We are really impressed with the finished building. It definitely exceeded our expectations and feels incredibly solid and robust. The classrooms are spacious and bright, and the corridors are very wide. We particularly like the lovely vibrant design on the outside of the building, which reflects different colours throughout the day and makes the building feel very welcoming.

Andrew Roberts, Head Teacher, Riverside School
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