Portakabin modular office buildings provide fast, comfortable, high-quality solutions to your office needs. Whether its modular offices for your business or school, hospital or remote factory, Portakabin modular office buildings tick all your requirement boxes – fast, robust and affordable with flexible usage.

  1. Portakabin modular office buildings

    For call centres, conference venues, training facilities and call centres, Portakabin modular office buildings offer a perfect way to meet changing demands. Modular office buildings are the fastest way to increase your office capacity without compromising on quality. Up to 70% faster than traditional builds, modular office buildings give you a speedy solution, so your business doesn’t need to wait. 

  2. Hire or buy modular office buildings for total flexibility

    Perfect for businesses, healthcare, schools and more, you can scale up or downsize without disruption.

    Your modular office building can stand alone or be connected side-by-side or end-to-end and interconnected to create multiple storeys. You have the flexibility to create modular office buildings to any scale, also allowing the addition or removal of office buildings as your needs change. Modular office buildings can also be moved to another site at any time, complete with components and all essential parts intact. Portable offices give you a flexibility for your business that means you can adapt quickly as requirements change.

  3. Manufactured off site and ready-to-use

    Modular office buildings are delivered ready to use, meaning that the time spent on your site is kept to a minimum. That means less construction disruption for you and your business, school or hospital. And with modular office buildings there are also far fewer vehicle movements to and from the site compared to traditional construction, which helps your carbon footprint. The modular offices typically come fully-fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes. That's why modular office buildings are such a fast way to achieve your aims.

  4. Less time on site, means less disruption

    Your modular office buildings are manufactured off site. This prevents delays faced on traditional site-based builds such as adverse weather or labour shortages and minimises the construction time of your project. Once your modular office buildings are delivered to site, they are craned into position to produce robust, watertight modular buildings within days.

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