Modular buildings are interim or permanent structures that have been constructed using off-site manufactured, pre-fabricated units called modules. Hence the terms modular construction and modular buildings.

  1. Modular building companies

    Modular building companies are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of modular buildings or portable prefabricated buildings, as they are also known. Specialist modular building companies such as Portakabin have the experience and expertise to see a project through from initial planning to installation and final hand-over. The advantages of modular construction make it the natural choice especially now that more and more customers are looking towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to building.

  2. Ready-to-use

    Typically, modules for modular construction projects are fully-fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they reach the construction site to become full modular buildings. That's why modular construction is such a fast way to achieve your aims. Modular buildings give you both speed and certainty. 

  3. Minimal time on site

    To complete the construction process for your modular building each module is transported from a factory to the site by road then craned into position to produce a watertight modular structure within days. Hence modular construction is able to achieve outstanding results in such short time frames.

  4. Complete flexibility

    Modular building systems used for modular construction offer additional flexibility for construction projects as modules can be configured to create layouts for modular buildings of any scale and can be reconfigured, moved to another site or removed without invasive demolition work at any time.

Discover more benefits, how programme times compare against traditional methods and what sets Portakabin and our buildings apart from the rest of the modular construction industry.

The buildings from Portakabin fulfilled all our expectations and provided the ideal environment for the team working on this important project.

Eoin Carroll, Project Engineer, Genzyme
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