We spoke to Patrick Riley, Head of Projects at CPL Products about his tailor made solution from Portakabin.

When CPL Products found themselves facing a pressing need for additional office space to accommodate their expanding team in Immingham, they turned to Portakabin for a tailor-made solution to meet their requirements. Portakabin was able to provide office space, including a kitchen, welfare facilities and meeting room. Patrick Riley, Head of Projects, was the main CPL lead on the project, and we spoke to him about their experience using Portakabin so far, what they’ve achieved, and their aspirations for the future. 

Introduction and background

Can you tell us a bit about your company and the nature of your business?

CPL Products Ltd,  part of Invica Industries, is primarily a solid fuel manufacturing business. Invica Industries also has a large activated carbon and ceramic refractory business.

Decision-making process

What were the key factors or pain points that led you to seek a new office space solution?

As part of the ongoing business growth, the company invested into additional processes which required a small project team, the new space was to accommodate the growth of the project team.

How did you hear about Portakabin, and what influenced your decision to source a modular option?

Having used Portakabin for many years now, the service provided during the decision-making process was far superior to other modular suppliers.

Experience with modular office solutions

How did the modular building process work for you on this occasion in terms of speed, cost, and flexibility?

The speed and cost fitted within our timeframes and budgets and the team at Portakabin accommodated our every need.

Were there any specific features or customisation options that attracted you to a modular office solution by Portakabin?

Our office space ended up with a large number of variations before arriving at a final design, the team at Portakabin were fast to respond and always catered to our needs.

Impact on staff and solutions

How did your new office solution affect your employees’ productivity, morale and overall satisfaction?

The team absolutely love the space and it has been the envy of other departments


What would you say the key benefits have been from having this style of office solution?

The open plan office space is ideal for a project team, we also have a designated meeting room as well as kitchen and toilets.

Have there been any unexpected benefits or advantages that you’ve experienced since using the office solution?

Being positioned on a site containing coal, the dust has often found its way into every office space. Our new building has been incredibly free from dust. This has allowed for a clean and tidy work space, but also helped with the cleaning!

Future plans and expansion

How do you envision your company's needs evolving in the future, and do you see modular solutions playing a role in that growth?

Factoring growth in mind, the Portakabin team designed the office and supports to allow for an additional office space on top of our existing office.

Feedback and final thoughts

Can you summarise your overall experience working with Portakabin and the impact it has had on your business?

It was an absolute pleasure working with all involved in the design, supply, install and handover of the office space. Without the office, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our projects.

If you're interested in delving deeper into our success story with CPL products, simply click the link below to access the full case study. And for even more case studies dedicated on office space, simply visit our Case Studies section.

If you're interested in delving deeper into our success story with CPL products, simply click the link below to access the full case study.

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