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  • Furniture, steps and canopy
  • Six-month hire term
  • Furniture, steps and canopy
  1. SUEZ operates the Altens East recycling and recovery centre on behalf of Aberdeen City Council. The facility was put in the spotlight in July 2022 after the plant was destroyed in a major fire, with the likely cause suspected to be a battery or battery-operated device that a resident had by accident put into their recycling bin.

    Following the fire, SUEZ reached out to Portakabin to provide temporary office and welfare accommodation for its staff after it was found the adjacent office building would be temporarily unusable.

  2. Within three days, Portakabin had agreed, arranged and installed three separate modular buildings. This took the form of an eight-person office - with meeting room space, toilet facilities and a canteen for its staff.

“After the fire we needed a temporary office and some welfare accommodation for our staff for prompt delivery. Portakabin focused on our needs and were able to turn around the project for us quickly, supporting our business continuity arrangements.

George Mclaughlin, Senior Production Manager, SUEZ

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