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  • 64 metre walkway with steps
  • Climate control system
  1. The Requirements

    Sparrows is a leading provider of offshore engineering services specialising in heavy lifting and mechanical handling. The company operates a training centre in a disused quarry outside Aberdeen and identified a need to replace the existing training buildings with a larger high-quality facility.

    Installation of the new training suites had to be completed in just three days in order to avoid any disruption to busy training schedules.

  2. The Solution

    Bill Kintrea, Facilities Manager at Sparrows Engineering and Operations, "The existing buildings were approaching the end of their life and we had identified a need to expand our capacity to meet increasing training needs. We needed a flexible solution that would achieve a high quality learning environment with a canteen and toilet facilities."

    "It was very important to us that the installation of the buildings could be completed in a short space of time with no disruption to our busy training schedule." The team at Portakabin worked closely with Sparrows to develop a solution that would allow the company to meet all of its training objectives, creating a new 400m2 facility.

    Six Titan units were designed and configured to meet the specified requirements. Titan buildings offered all of the flexibility required to accommodate large numbers of students. Despite the fact that access to the site was via a narrow and winding road the buildings were in place within the three day deadline. In addition, an integral 64m walkway with steps was then added, providing level access to the buildings.

We are extremely happy with the new training facilities and they meet all of our needs. The inclusion of a climate control system in the simulator room has made a real difference to the working environment, which was previously very hot as a result of the computer system.

Bill Kintrea, Facilities Manager, Sparrows Engineering and Operations

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