Building Use


Project Duration

9 weeks

Procurement Method


Why hire from portakabin

Project Features

  • 1,300m² of high-quality office accommodation
  • Built in three stages to allow seamless integration of personnel
  • Building designed around easyJet's needs; open plan, air conditioned, no private offices, hot desks and informality amongst staff
  1. The Requirements

    The low-cost airline urgently needed quality office accommodation at its easyLand headquarters in Luton following its merger with Go. With the permanent offices not yet ready for occupancy, it was important to integrate the two airlines as soon as possible. The interim buildings needed to accommodate employees who had transferred from Go's Stansted headquarters.

  2. The Solution

    Following a competitive tender process, easyJet awarded Portakabin the contract to build the extension to easyLand. Due to the tight deadlines specified, Portakabin built the extension in less than nine weeks, compared with the 32 weeks it would have taken to build traditionally.

    Portakabin built 1,300m² of high-quality office accommodation in three stages, which allowed for the seamless integration of personnel into the easyJet operation. The building houses 200 people, and has the capacity to comfortably accommodate easyJet's predicted growth.

    Huw Thomas, Projects and Facilities Manager said, "After meeting with two preferred building suppliers, it was clear that only Portakabin had the capacity to meet our specified deadlines for transferring staff from Stansted. The Portakabin environment adheres to the same principles that characterise the existing easyLand building; open plan, air conditioned, no private offices, hot desks and informality amongst staff. We have the option to extend our initial hire contract if we need the building for longer, which gives us flexibility and peace-of-mind."

We are very pleased with the new accommodation. The offices are light, airy and comfortable and the staff have been pleasantly surprised with the large open-plan office and have responded to the quality working environment it provides.

Sarah Pritchett, Public Relations Office, easyJet

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