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Project Features

  • Constructed using a highly sustainable recycled modular building
  • Finished in brickwork to complement building's location
  1. The Requirements

    Since the closure of the health centre in Cottingham following the major floods in 2007, health services had to be temporarily provided at other locations in the area.

    A new centre was required to bring a range of community services under one roof again, including podiatry; consultation, examination and treatment facilities; hearing aid services; child health clinics, and community dental services.

  2. The Solution

    The clinic was constructed using a highly sustainable recycled modular building from Portakabin (Refurbished).

    Designed by architects Gelder and Kitchen, the new purpose-designed centre was craned into position in just eight hours over a weekend. The single storey building was finished in brickwork to complement its location in the historic village of Cottingham - a conservation area. All Portakabin (Refurbished) recycled modular buildings are fully refurbished with new windows, wall linings, partitions, M&E services, doors, flooring, and specialist finishes, to create high quality accommodation for a wide variety of permanent and interim applications.

    The recycling and refurbishment of relocatable buildings is also highly sustainable, helping to improve a building's carbon footprint:

    • The approach produces less than 10 per cent of the carbon emissions compared to a newly manufactured building (source MPBA).
    • Because much of the refurbishment work takes place off site, the approach generates fewer vehicle movements to site than traditional building methods, reducing congestion and carbon emissions.
    • By refurbishing the building modules and preserving the embodied energy of the steel structure, Portakabin (Refurbished) is extending the life of the building and minimising the volume of waste sent to landfill.

Henry Chadwick, Partner at Gelder and Kitchen Architects for Cottingham Clinic commented: "We are impressed with the finish and the space the modular approach has created internally. It is spacious and open. You would never know this was a modular building - or indeed a recycled building."

"The installation was very professional and efficient and the finished scheme sits well in its landscape. This is a really good building, successfully delivered to a tight budget."

This is a fantastic building, delivered on time, cost and quality. Portakabin (Refurbished) performance was excellent throughout and the construction and fitting out phases went very smoothly. We had a good relationship with their team, who were happy to go the extra mile to meet our specific requirements. Speed of delivery was important to enable us to re-provide clinical services locally as quickly as possible. The use of a recycled building structure also made our budgets go further, providing excellent value, as well as having a number of strong environmental benefits.

Stephen Dale, Capital Projects Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust
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