Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Building Use

Dialysis treatment centre

Project Duration

6 months

Procurement Method


Why Hire from Portakabin?

Project Features

  • External vinyl wrap
  • Full planning application
  • IPS panelling
  • Nurse's stations
  • Patient TV screens
  • Security system
  • Ventilation, heating and cooling system
  • Fire protection system
  1. Requirement

    With patients having to travel outside of their local area for treatment and waiting lists for dialysis on the increase, Portsmouth University Hospital NHS Trust was in urgent need of an additional dialysis treatment centre quickly, from a supplier with trusted experience in the healthcare sector.

    As well as planning permission, landscaping and avoiding disruption to other parts of the adjacent health care facility, other special measures had to be taken to protected species due to ‘slow worms’ being present onsite.

  2. Solution

    Portakabin manufactured brand new Ultima modules specifically for this project and completed installation alongside the regular day-to-day running of Fareham Community Hospital. Specific safety matters had to be considered due to ambulance and pedestrian traffic movement when the 24 modules were being craned into position.

    The building was designed with patient comfort in mind. Dialysis treatment for patients is three times per week and can take 4 hours a session, therefore it was imperative that comfort was at the forefront when designing the ward, which is spacious and light.

    A vinyl wrap completed the exterior of the building, ensuring it complimented local surroundings, which was a requirement for planning permission.

    Portakabin worked alongside a leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal disease to install a reverse osmosis water plant, meaning water within the treatment unit can be purified without the need for chemical regenerants.

    Slow worm mitigation measures were also put in place and managed very carefully by a team onsite due to hibernation periods. Portakabin worked alongside a specialist landscape design and ecology group to ensure this was carried out safely.

This was a very interesting and at times challenging development for the Trust and Portakabin with having to deal with some issues that were only identified late on in the design and during construction programme. These were dealt with efficiently and the project team worked hard and communicated well with the Trust to ensure any delays were kept to a minimum. The new facility has now established a standard and model of accommodation for future renal dialysis developments for the Trust and its patients.

John Corlett, Senior Estates and Facilities Advisor at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
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