Buckingham School

Building Use

Performing Arts Facility

Project Duration

6 weeks

Procurement Method


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Project Features

  • High-level windows
  • Specialist recessed lighting and heating
  1. The Requirements

    With increasing numbers of students taking up the Performing Arts at Buckingham School, the department decided to invest in a specialist dance studio to help usher in the next generation of performing superstars.

  1. The Solution

    Portakabin used its state-of-the-art Ultima building system to provide 115 m² of dedicated dance space in the school's quadrangle.

    To ensure the studio provided a professional dance facility, the school worked with the Portakabin design team to include high-level windows and specialist recessed lighting and heating - all within the six-week window dictated by the school's summer holidays.

    Performing Arts were previously taught in an ordinary hall that had none of the specialist features of this dance studio.

The new facility is fantastic. We worked with Portakabin to ensure that the dance studio forms the centrepiece of our new Performing Arts faculty. With a reinforced, non-slip, cushioned floor, and three-metre ceiling, the students and staff have a building that will really enhance the image of Performing Arts.

Patrick Feeney, Senior Administration Manager, Buckingham School

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