Choosing a Portakabin Duplex building means you get all the benefits associated with our refurbished offer.

70% faster than a traditional building and meets building regulations

When you need comfortable, contemporary space quickly, a Duplex building can be ready up to 70% faster than a conventional building. Like all Portakabin modular buildings, Duplex solutions offer attractive, customisable space that meets all permanent building regulations. The difference is, they are fully-refurbished, pre-owned Portakabin buildings.

Stretching your budget and giving you a 10-year warranty

Re-using the structure of steel framed buildings reduces the programme time and means your budget will stretch further. You’ll have all the quality benefits of a genuine Portakabin building, with a 10-year warranty.

Why choose the Duplex building range?

  • Cost-effective, steel framed buildings
  • Can accommodate any number of people
  • Provides large, versatile, column-free interior spaces with individual unit sizes ranging from 21m2 to 35m2 and when modules are added together provides unlimited space
  • 2.7m ceiling height creates a spacious working environment
  • Modules can be connected side by side and in multiple storeys to create buildings of any size
  • Can be stand alone or linked to existing buildings to create fully integrated facilities
  • The interior layout is completely customisable for maximum flexibility
  • Delivered from stock to meet urgent requirements.

Independently certified for building regulation compliance

British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification confirms that it has been designed to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations, The Building Standards (Scotland) and other permanent building standards and codes of practice applicable at that time.

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  1. Portakabin Quality

    • External walls are of a durable one-piece construction with high-performance, low-maintenance plastisol steel finishes.
    • The patented floor has a rigid galvanised steel frame and underdrawing, which offers a sturdy and robust feel.
    • The roof deck is of one-piece construction, impact resistant and covered with solar-reflective, profiled plastisol steel to reduce heat gain.
  2. Anti-vandal and energy efficient

    • Duplex buildings also offer protection against theft and vandalism, with a wide range of security options.
    • Walls, doors and roof are insulated with environmentally friendly CFC-free Envirofoam, a rigid polymer insulation material that is lightweight and yet enhances long-life structural strength and ensures an energy-efficient building.

Learn about other customers who have chosen Duplex buildings such as Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Woking and Sam Beare Hospice.

The centre is both new and modern but in keeping with our existing facilities. Our staff and sixth formers are really delighted to be working and studying in such a high quality learning environment.

Ben Elliott, Director of Corporate Services, Higham Lane School

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