Having recently passed rigorous fire prevention testing with its Site Accommodation standard modular buildings, the guide from modular specialist Portakabin gives essential advice which ensures compliance with the Joint Code of Practice on Fire Prevention of Construction Sites and Buildings Under Renovation (JCoP)

Over the past decade, there has been a wave of positive change in the construction industry when it comes to fire safety. Cross-industry learnings have meant organisations are held accountable for maintaining the strictest controls when it comes to fire safety.

Safety is the number one priority at Portakabin, and following a thorough and rigorous fire resistance testing in 2023, Portakabin is delighted to confirm that its Site Accommodation modular buildings and cabins have passed all testing.

Testing was complete in compliance with the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites publication by the Fire Protection Association (FPA), the Joint Code of Practice on Fire Prevention of Construction Sites and Buildings Under Renovation (JCoP) and the HSG168 publication by the Health and Safety Executive.

But what does this mean? Where temporary buildings or site accommodation is vertically stacked, the lower roof must achieve 30 minutes of fire resistance for loadbearing, integrity, and insulation (REI), meaning occupants within the building have adequate time to evacuate safely. It’s this level of fire resistance that Portakabin has not only achieved but surpassed.

As a result of this, Portakabin has produced ‘Fire Prevention on Construction Sites’, a detailed and informative guide, which can be downloaded from the Portakabin website. The guide outlines what is recognised as ‘best practice’ when looking at fire safety on construction sites and includes an insight into the responsibilities of all businesses, material guidance and advice on identifying a responsible person, who’s role is to ensure the safety of their employees.

Stuart Norris, Technical Product Manager said “The objective of the JCoP code of practice is simple, to prevent fires on construction sites. At Portakabin, we have created a guide that details useful information about how to ensure fire safety when choosing temporary buildings in the modular construction industry. The guide, which was the first of its kind, is available to everyone and free to download from the Portakabin website.”

With a full installation suite of fire safety specifications available, Portakabin customers do not need to mix and match specifications to achieve fire safety compliance, creating a safer environment for all.

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