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Project Features

  • Full-height glass wall along the front
  • A large, central open-plan sales area
  • Enclosed staff kitchen area
  • Separate private office
  • Exterior clad with wood-effect panelling
  1. The Requirements

    Award-winning house builder Yuill Homes has, in the past, traditionally converted a double garage on its sites into a marketing suite. However, the company was keen to get a sales facility on site at an earlier stage in the build. This new approach was due to be launched at the smart new College Gardens development in Billingham and so a high-quality stand-alone marketing suite was needed.

  2. The Solutions

    As the largest single modular building in Europe, the Titan building offers versatile, spacious interiors. The glazed Titan building features a full-height glass wall along the front, flooding the interior with natural light and creating an unrivalled aesthetic appearance. Inside, the building offers a bright, inspirational and welcoming space for staff and customers alike.

    The layout chosen by Yuill Homes features a large, central open-plan sales area, which houses a model of the development, flat-screen DVD display, a sample area, coffee station and sales literature. The provision of this welcoming and comfortable area allows potential house buyers to browse at their leisure. At one end of the building there is an enclosed staff kitchen area and toilet and at the other end is a separate private office. The exterior of the building is clad with wood-effect panelling to give it a contemporary, professional finish.

Portakabin had the building ready in good time and it was delivered and installed on the agreed date. Such accurate deliveries are assured by the unique Portakabin Customer Charter, which makes the promise that all buildings will be delivered on time and on budget. Portakabin even promises that if it ever fails to meet the contract start date, it will provide an additional six months’ product warranty, free of charge.

Lindsay Greenhalgh, Marketing and Communications Manager, Yuill Homes adds: “We were very happy with the whole process. The Portakabin staff were very helpful, they guided us and kept us informed all along the way. 

"We had some very strict criteria for the building. It needed to be easily transportable, durable, have a flexible easily modified interior and a very professional look. We knew that Portakabin provided bespoke marketing suites, so we asked them and a number of other companies to show us what they could deliver.

"The glazed Titan building proved to be the best option. It had the most attractive appearance and met all of our criteria, as well as being within our budget."

The building looks great and we are very pleased with the quality sales environment it provides. This new marketing suite gives us a long-term solution too. We expect it to be located at Billingham for three to four years, after which we can simply transport it to our next development.

Lindsay Greenhalgh, Marketing and Communications Manager, Yuill Homes

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