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  • Office space
  • WC facilities
  • Kitchen facilities
  1. The Requirements

    Wiltshire Farm Foods is the UK’s leading meals delivery service. The company delivers high quality frozen meals, prepared in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, through a network of local outlets. In the early hours of a Saturday morning before Christmas the office building at the company’s outlet in Crieff was destroyed by fire. Without a building to house staff the business would have been unable to operate and process customer orders and deliveries, effectively suspending operations. Devastated by the sight of the burnt-out buildings, Wiltshire Farm Foods Director, Douglas Lamont, phoned the Dundee office of Portakabin that Saturday morning and unexpectedly was able to explain the predicament.

  2. The Solution

    A member of the Portakabin team was on site by lunchtime to survey the area and discuss the immediate requirements. By Monday afternoon the first Portakabin building was in place, providing office space, WC facilities and basic kitchen facilities. The next day a further building was delivered with more open plan office space. After an immediate response to the initial crisis the team at Portakabin worked closely with Douglas to create a permanent solution that was in place and operational within just six months following fire damage. They now have a high quality, modern office building that is designed to meet their own specific requirements.

The service from Portakabin was tremendous. As a result of what they were able to do for us so quickly and efficiently we didn’t lose a single day of trading.

Douglas Lamont, Director, Wiltshire Farm Foods

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