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Project Features

  • 2.3 metre high ceiling
  • Reinforced floor, withstanding pressures of up to 5kN
  • Fire and intruder alarms
  • Air-conditioning
  1. The Requirements

    Renfrewshire Leisure operates a number of sports centres and swimming pools for members across the Renfrewshire area. When plans to build an extension to the Erskine Sports Centre were put on hold, the centre urgently needed to source a new fitness-suite building. Due to the size of the fitness equipment that would be installed, the new suite needed to have a ceiling at least 2.3 metres high and a reinforced floor that could withstand pressures of up to 5kN. Renfrewshire Leisure set about finding a way to deliver the quality of facilities required in the short time available.

  2. The Solution

    Renfrewshire Leisure worked closely with the Portakabin design team to develop the layout for the suite. The solution was a spacious Portakabin Ultima building, which offers an energy-efficient, high-quality environment. The building is constructed from individual modules, which are fitted out off-site prior to delivery and assembly on site.

    The building for Erskine Sports Centre incorporates a large open-plan fitness suite and male, female and disabled persons’ changing facilities. Portakabin adapted the building specifically for this application, with a tough wood-effect non-slip floor covering and specially reinforced floor joists to cope with the pressures of up to 5kN generated by people using the fitness machines.

    Joyce says: “We had a non-negotiable deadline to get this new facility in place. Portakabin built up an excellent working relationship with us and liaised closely with our team to ensure the deadline was met. Everything ran to schedule and the buildings were installed right on time.”

Within the limited time available, Portakabin was able to design, deliver, install and fit out this specialist building to the client’s exact specifications. In the end, it was installed and connected to services a week before the final deadline, giving the sports centre plenty of time to fit its equipment and get the suite ready for business. The unique Portakabin Customer Charter assures all customers of such accurate deliveries, with its promise that all buildings will be installed on time and on budget. As an added assurance, Portakabin promises that if it ever fails to deliver on time, it will provide a week’s free hire for every day it is late.

Portakabin fitted the building with air-conditioning to provide the required constant temperate of 18°C inside the suite. The company also installed fire and intruder alarms which were fully integrated with the main sports centre building.

A survey asking the sports centre’s members what they liked about the new fitness suite attracted many positive comments about the bright, open space it provided, the privacy of the showers and the excellent lay out.

Joyce adds: “The building looks amazing, inside and out. We’re delighted with the standard of this new facility, which is much brighter, more spacious and attractive than anyone expected. It has a real ‘wow’ factor when you step inside. Most importantly, our members love it."

From the beginning, quality was our top priority. We looked at a number of modular building suppliers, but for most the height of the facilities we needed was the main problem. It turned out that only Portakabin could meet our ceiling height requirement in a modular building that also met our very high quality expectations.

Joyce McKellar, Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Leisure

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