MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Building Use


Project Duration

8 weeks

Procurement Method


Why hire from Portakabin

Project Features

  • Two-storey building constructed from 22 energy-efficient modules
  • 270m2 of versatile space on each floor
  • Individual offices and toilet facilities
  • Installed on a sloping car park using jack pads
  • Complex data cabling installation
  1. The Requirements

    World-leading offshore windfarm developer MHI Vestas was contracted by Ørsted to build, install and commission wind turbines for the Burbo Bank Offshore Windfarm extension. An operational office base was needed for the entire completion team, including 40 offshore engineers and 15 office-based staff. Ørsted was planning to build a permanent new office at its Merseyside site, but in the meantime, MHI Vestas needed to hire interim offices to house its workforce.

  2. The Solution

    MHI Vestas chose a large modular building rather than stand-alone units, giving them the flexibility to adapt the interior to their requirements. Portakabin (Site Accommodation) supplied a two-storey building constructed from 22 energy-efficient modules, providing 270m2 of versatile space on each floor. The top floor was configured with several individual offices and toilet facilities. The ground floor was left completely open plan, apart from a toilet facility, to allow MHI Vestas to configure the space as required.

    The building was installed on a car park using jack pads to level it on the sloping site. These simple foundations allow the building to be removed without trace at the end of the hire period, enabling the car park to be restored.

    Portakabin (Site Accommodation) carried out a complex data cabling installation for the client’s IT systems, connecting the building to the MHI Vestas server. Working closely with the client, they arranged the installation programme so that the client’s IT team could have access to part of the building to start work, while the rest of the fit-out was completed.

    The entire project was completed in just eight weeks, from date of order to hand over of the fully furnished building.

Portakabin (Site Accommodation) had provided buildings to us before, so we knew they met our quality requirements and had an excellent safety record. They could also deliver the building quickly to meet our short lead time. The installation went very smoothly and was completed on site in just two weeks. It was executed efficiently with the highest focus on health and safety. We especially appreciated the extra services provided by Portakabin (Site Accommodation), such as network cabling and furniture, which gave us a complete building that was ready for us to move in immediately on hand over.

Stephan Kremers, Commissioning Manager, MHI Vestas

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