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Project Duration

18 months

Procurement Method


Why hire from portakabin

Project Features

  • Installation in a very restricted town centre site
  • Site office and welfare facilities
  • Fire-rated cabins
  1. The Requirements

    When international construction services company ISG was contracted to carry out extensive refurbishment at Wigan Town Hall, it was faced with the challenge of installing site office and welfare facilities in a very restricted town centre site. The busy location meant that roads could not be closed during installation, and the proximity of tall buildings meant that fire-rated cabins had to be specified.

  1. The Solution

    Tony Dougan, Project Manager at ISG, says: “We have a framework agreement with Portakabin (Site Accommodation), who supply us with high-quality site buildings, but this was the first time we had needed to hire its Fire-Safe buildings. We were extremely impressed by the specification of these cabins, which was way above that of any other fire-resistant buildings we’d hired before.”

    Konstructa Fire-Safe buildings have an unusually high fire rating and offer 30 minutes’ fire-resistance in multi-storey mode. Such high-specification cabins have to be used on any site that has existing buildings within ten metres.

    Tony continues: “The installation process required careful planning, and we worked very closely with Portakabin (Site Accommodation) to devise a solution that overcame the problems of limited space and the fact that we were unable to close any roads. We also wanted to double-stack our units without using ladders, and Portakabin (Site Accommodation) offered an innovative new sling and pole solution that enabled us to do this.”

Portakabin (Site Accommodation) has devised a unique tool that enables buildings to be double stacked from ground level without the need for ladders, eliminating the risk of falls from height. This was used to create the two-storey facilities that ISG required.

ISG hired a suite of fully furnished, ready-to-use Konstructa Fire-Safe units, providing two canteens, a toilet and shower building, a meeting room and two office buildings for the 30-strong team working on the 18-month refurbishment project.

Thanks to detailed planning, the installation work was carried out very safely, efficiently and on schedule. The low-level lifting technique meant there was no requirement at all for ladders, which significantly enhanced safety on site. The buildings themselves are excellent. In fact, they are the best site cabins I have ever hired.

Tony Dougan, Project Manager, ISG Construction

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