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Project Duration

2 weeks

Procurement Method


Why hire from portakabin

Project Features

  • Specialist veterinary support buildings
  • Sterile theatre building and adjoining prep room featuring hygienic flooring, sinks, cupboards and worktops
  • Surgery-specific high micron air filtration system
  • Lights and power sockets strategically positioned to allow optimum quality lighting in theatre room
  1. The Requirements

    Fitzpatrick Referrals is one of the UK’s best known veterinary referral practices. The practice has rapidly expanded in the past few years with space now at a premium. To meet growing demand, the practice has built a new, larger structure designed to house 40 kennels, four operating theatres, three consultation rooms and a completely new reception. During the development, the practice looked to Portakabin to provide a high-quality interim solution to ensure service continued in a variety of highly specialised and custom designed buildings.

  2. The Solution

    The new development will position Fitzpatrick Referrals as the only clinic in the UK offering specialist regenerative and restorative care to animals but traditional construction takes time. With Portakabin being able to deliver five high quality buildings within weeks, Fitzpatrick’s were able to start the development sooner rather than later without affecting the level of care and expertise they provide there.

    Portakabin delivered a range of five Solus buildings to the busy site, all of which provide valuable space for the practice to continue life-saving surgery and treatments. To expand surgery provision for patients, Fitzpatrick Referrals was provided with a sterile theatre building and adjoining prep room which featured hygienic flooring, sinks, cupboards and worktops, all supplied and fitted by Portakabin.

    Further specialist equipment was installed in partnership with the practice such as a surgery-specific high micron air filtration system. Lights and power sockets were relocated to ensure the best quality light was available to the theatre table and to allow the theatre lights to be positioned correctly.

    The fit-out took a matter of weeks and caused zero disruption to the operation of the practice.

Portakabin recognised our requirement for high spec, bespoke buildings immediately and worked closely with us to deliver the highest quality possible in an incredibly short time frame. We have the much needed space for us to continue to provide the best in innovative, specialist care to our animals.

Fitzpatrick Referrals

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