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Project Features

  • Thermally efficient buildings featuring double glazing and superior insulation
  • 664m2 office and canteen for up to 120 people
  • Separate 142m2 medical centre
  • Ramps
  • Climate-control systems
  • Furniture
  • Fire-alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • PA speaker system
  • Data communications cabling
  1. The Requirements

    When the existing accommodation for Magnox contractors working on decommissioning the Dungeness A site needed to be updated, Magnox were looking for flexible, robust and thermally efficient buildings.

    The buildings needed to accommodate future upsizing or downsizing, they required the ability to withstand the harsh coastal weather conditions on this exposed site, and energy efficiency to create a comfortable working environment.

  2. The Solution

    Magnox put their requirements out to tender and Portakabin emerged as the highest-scoring supplier against tender criteria. Key requirements were product quality, service standards, health and safety, quality management systems and environmental policies.

    Magnox chose thermally efficient Portakabin Ultima buildings, which feature double glazing and superior insulation, as well as offering air tightness that exceeds Building Regulations Part L requirements by 70%.

    Portakabin designed a 664m2 office and canteen building for up to 120 people and a separate 142m2 medical centre. The buildings were fully fitted out by Portakabin with ramps, climate-control systems, furniture, fire-alarms, emergency lighting, PA speaker system and data communications cabling – giving Magnox the simplicity of a single supplier for the entire project. Timescales were tight, with Portakabin given just three months to design, install and fit out the buildings.

    Because Dungeness is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the building’s environmental impact had to be minimised. No concrete could be used, so Portakabin installed the building on simple pad foundations, which will be removed without a trace along with the building at the end of the contract.

Portakabin completed everything within a tight timescale, despite a number of challenges, including strict security procedures, which meant every worker had to be vetted and site induction trained.

Steve Jepps, Contract Engineer, Magnox

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