Carleton Community High School

Building Use

Whole School

Project Duration

9 weeks

Procurement Method


Why buy from portakabin

Project Features

  • 24 classrooms
  • Management offices
  • Reception block
  • Student and staff toilets
  • Dining room
  • Dance and drama studios
  • Learning and resource centre
  • Changing rooms
  • Staff room
  • School lesson bell equipment
  1. The Requirements

    When a fire destroyed nearly half of the original buildings at Carleton Community High School, it was essential that the buildings could be replaced quickly to ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum. With a proven track record for providing first class accommodation and an unrivalled reputation for delivering on time, Portakabin was the obvious supplier for a complete ready-to-use solution.

  2. The Solution

    The school needed to source 24 classrooms, management offices, a reception block, student and staff toilets, dining room, dance and drama studios, learning and resource centre, changing rooms and a staff room.

    Rob Foreman, Headteacher of Carleton Community High School says: "It was imperative that the buildings arrived in the quickest possible time to ensure continuity of education provision with minimal disruption to the school. This meant that a commitment of punctual delivery in time for the new school term in January was absolutely essential."

    Portakabin immediately met with NPS North East, (the design and property consultants project-managing the site) and representatives from the school following the blaze to develop a specification and accommodation requirement, with an on-site assessment taking place thereafter. Within days of the fire, Portakabin confirmed a delivery schedule. Handover of the completed buildings was concluded within just nine weeks.

Portakabin has a unique Customer Charter, which pledges to complete your project on time and on budget.* If it fails to meet the contract start date, it will provide a week's free hire for every day it is late.

The new school complex covers 4000m2 and accommodates 971 students and staff. Portakabin also provided the essential business solutions required by the school to become operational, including intruder and fire alarms and the school lesson bell equipment.

Portaloo, as part of the Portakabin Group delivered exceptional quality toilet and changing facilities. Portaloo offers a full range of robust, all-steel buildings in a variety of sizes and layouts with hygienic, easy to clean interiors. All buildings are fitted out to the highest standards and delivered ready for connection to services.

The service from Portakabin was fantastic, with the handover of all buildings completed on schedule, as required. The specification of the buildings has surpassed all expectations. Based on the speed of delivery and quality of accommodation provided, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend Portakabin to other schools in a similar predicament.

Rob Foreman, Headteacher, Carleton Community High School

A unique promise for your complete peace of mind

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