Sandra looks after major German clients from Frankfurt to Munich and closer to home in Austria, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We spoke to her about her role, her experience in the construction industry and plans for growth as Portakabin continues to introduce its new Alta product into the German market.

New challenge

"I joined the Portakabin team in Germany back in 2018 as the Key Account Manager for the South. I have a strong sales and commercial background, having always worked in this industry and a real passion for people, taking care of my customers and supporting my colleagues in other regional branches of Portakabin."

The market in Germany

"In Germany, our base market is primarily construction, with around 90% of our customers falling into this category. Portakabin has historically worked on a lot of projects for large construction companies, and I put that down to our ability to deliver and our personal care to our clients and our passion for working with people and building strong relationships.

Currently, the German market is going through a lot of changes – people are talking about the era of the turning point! There is a huge surge and a lot of talk around ensuring buildings are energy efficient and for customers to be conscious of their energy usage. At Portakabin, we have big plans to support our clients with our buildings, our building services offerings to help customers achieve their sustainable goals."

Delivering for our customers

"Earlier this year, Portakabin Germany was thrilled to welcome a new type of building to its fleet – Alta. Portakabin Alta buildings have been specifically designed to ensure the highest level of structural strength in all regulatory aspects.

We welcomed our first Alta order back in February, for a customer in the IT sector who was looking for a unique office space solution that was flexible and able to integrate with their existing building. The Alta product provided just that, and the customer was so happy with the outcome."

Modular solutions

"Back in 2022, Portakabin Germany successfully won a contract to supply the US military hospital in Weillerbach with a modular solution for what turned out to be, a very complex and unique requirement. This was a huge contract for my team and I to work on, especially in terms of technical specification. At first, the client wasn’t entirely sure what they would need, but by speaking to my team and I, we were able to provide expertise, advice and support and guide the customer to making a decision that would best suit their needs and those of the hospital.

We were able to build the modules in a unique way, based on the customers’ requests and timelines. That, I believe, is one of the key reasons why our customers come back to us time and time again. The knowledge and expertise that the team at Portakabin can provide, along with delivering a unique modular solution, us unrivalled."

The Future

"Whilst we have a strong background in the construction industry, Portakabin Germany is looking to expand into new areas of business, especially within the education sector. I think that the Alta product would be a perfect solution for schools and kindergartens, due to its flexible capabilities and environmental friendliness. It’s an area that we’re going to focus on for 2023/24."

Life outside of Portakabin

"I’m such a people person and really love to interact with others within the business and industry, so I’m currently on the Portakabin Future Leaders Programme to help expand my knowledge and grow my team.

In my spare time (when I manage to get some!) I love to go skiing with my family. I live in Munich, so I’m lucky to have the Alps relatively close to my doorstep and the opportunity to ski on a weekend during the winter and go hiking in the mountains during the summer – the perfect combination!"

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