Every Portakabin building has the flexibility to be relocated or reconfigured to fit your exacting business needs. Your building can be moved, whether it’s a single modular building, or a multi-story office complex.

Buildings to fit your future

Sometimes you may need to move buildings between your sites or around the country, for example when interim buildings are used during refurbishment programmes, or marketing suites for new housing developments. Or you may simply need to relocate from one site to another.

In instances like these, when you have a Portakabin building, we can arrange everything to ensure a hassle-free and efficient relocation.

  1. Ongoing warranty validity

    Relocating your building with the Portakabin team means your warranties remain valid and in force.

    We’ll take care of all transport and logistics as well as reconnecting your services on any new site.

This was a complex project due to the logistics of removing a three-storey building and then relocating it a few weeks later to another site. It was important to us to work with an organisation with large resources to support the new structural designs and develop a first class solution.

John Gilchrist, Project Manager, Kier Construction
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