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Building Use

Standalone building to house radar cabinets

Procurement Method


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Project Features

  • Reinforced floor of 6KN
  • Reinforced wall to enable firm mounting for equipment and panels
  • Galvanised legs and overpainted
  • Special height double doors
  • Cable entry points in the floor and wall
  • Electrical system that conforms to JSP604
  • Various design modifications to enable the building to be air lifted to site
  1. The Requirements

    Vital technical equipment was to be housed at a remote location with limited access. It would require complex logistics to safely install specialist, bespoke facilities for longterm, robust, secure storage, with minimal maintenance requirements. The building’s structure must be resistant to all types of hostile external factors, from inclement weather conditions to the impact of mould and pests. In addition, a design life in excess of 20 years and manufacture under an environmental management system were specified.

  2. The Solution

    To overcome access issues, the Joint Air Delivery and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) was engaged to air lift the building, with a static air lift trial completed prior to the actual lift. The Portakabin technical team conducted an air lift assessment, calculating any design modifications required to safely air lift the building and minimising potential damage from the helicopter’s down draft.

    The building, with reinforced walls and floors and bespoke double doors was manufactured as a shell only for a specialist on-site fit-out.

This endeavour would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, professionalism and can-do attitude of Portakabin. Presented with an impossible challenge, they worked collaboratively with Joint Helicopter Command and the Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit to clear this special load for helicopter lift.


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