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Project Features

  • Two-storeys
  • Eight classrooms
  • 12 toilets
  • High performance concrete floors
  1. The Requirements

    Martin High School was expanding from a middle school for 11-14 year olds to a secondary school, catering for 11-16 year old pupils. A new building was required to accommodate 50 per cent more pupils over the next two years.

  2. The Solution

    Portakabin was chosen to provide a new two-storey facility, built off-site using the advanced Portakabin Design and Build solution. It provides eight classrooms and 12 toilets for the additional pupil intake.

    Off-site construction allowed the building to be delivered with much less disruption to the school than a site-based solution, with the modules being installed over a weekend.

    They arrived with high-performance concrete floors pre-installed throughout to deliver superior acoustics and the robust finish required for the demanding secondary school environment.

    The building incorporated some eye-catching design features, including full-height curtain walling to the entrance, and brickwork and cedar cladding to the exterior, giving a distinctive and contemporary appearance.

    Martin High School’s Business Manager, Sue Plunkett, says: “This was a new venture for the school and we have been very pleased with both the finished result and the construction process. The building is designed to make the most of the fantastic views from the windows of the nearby beauty spot, Bradgate Park. The design of the cladding blends in well with the countryside and we have created a truly iconic building for the school.”

There were a number of benefits to a Portakabin solution, including the speed of construction and low level of disruption to a busy school environment. The finished building feels more like a traditional construction rather than a facility built off site and we would be very happy to work with Portakabin again in the future.

Sue Plunkett, Business Manager, Martin High School

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