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Why hire from portakabin

Project Features

  • Dressing room
  • Green room
  • Production staff office
  • BBC Events office
  • Air-conditioned technical equipment hub
  • Fully accessible public toilet building
  • Staff toilets
  • Ticket office
  • Five steel storage containers
  1. The Requirements

    DF Concerts needed to source high-quality buildings to create a temporary base for the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival. The base would host office and technical staff, radio and TV studios and production facilities so that a range of events and shows – including The One Show – could be broadcast from the venue.

  2. The Solution

    Katt Alexander, Project Manager on behalf of DF Concerts, says: “The adaptability and aesthetics of the buildings used for this event were of paramount importance to the BBC, as was the ability of our supplier to manage the challenging logistics of our new event site. We knew we could trust Portakabin to provide fantastic facilities and support us throughout every stage of the project, based on our long experience of working so successfully with them.”

    This BBC festival base was located at George Heriot School in the city centre, which posed significant logistical challenges. Portakabin organised road closures and used a huge crane to lift all buildings carefully over the historic gatehouse and into the courtyard. Due to the tight time window and the large number of sub-contractors working on site, each lift had to be micro-managed to ensure it was completed accurately and safely. A smaller crane was used to position the buildings in the required configuration – so everything was in place within two days.

    Portakabin Solus buildings, in a two-storey configuration, were used to create a dressing room, green room, production staff office, BBC Events office and an air-conditioned technical equipment hub. Portakabin also supplied a fully accessible public toilet building, staff toilets, a ticket office and five steel storage containers.

    The appearance of the buildings was transformed using vinyl wraps, printed with BBC logos and designs, creating a bright, vibrant hub for the broadcaster’s festival operations.

Portakabin were the backbone of this project, ensuring everything was completed efficiently, safely and, crucially, on time. Without their hard work, this location and project would not have been the success that it was.

Katt Alexander, Project Manager, DF Concerts

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