BAM Construction

Building Use

Site Accommodation

Project Duration

18 months

Procurement Method


Why hire from portakabin

Project Features

  • Offices
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Canteen and welfare accommodation for up to 130 on-site personnel
  • Units painted with BAM's corporate livery
  • Lights fitted with motion detectors
  • Timer-controlled heaters
  • Toilets fitted with low-volume dual-flush system
  1. The Requirements

    When BAM Construction was awarded the £30m contract to build a new mental health facility at Shelton Hospital in Shropshire, it needed to source construction site accommodation of a standard appropriate for such a prestigious project. Like all responsible businesses in the construction sector, BAM is constantly working to reduce its carbon footprint, and the hospital too was keen to minimise energy consumption during the 18-month project. That meant choosing energy-efficient site accommodation, capable of performing in all seasons, was a top priority.

  2. The Solution

    Adrian Myles, Accommodation Manager at BAM Construction, says: "We needed a building supplier that had the resources to provide all the site-based facilities for this large project while also fulfilling our environmental criteria and being competitive on price. The specification of the building was very important, and we were immediately impressed with the Konstructa Energy-Saver building offered by Portakabin (Site Accommodation). We visited Portakabin (Site Accommodation) to see the building for ourselves and found that it lived up to all its promises for energy-saving performance."

    Konstructa Energy-Saver buildings were developed in response to increased demand for environmentally friendly site accommodation from across the industry. They incorporate a range of energy-saving features that enable water usage to be cut by 70% and electricity use by 40%. Lights are fitted with motion detectors so they are never left on when the building is empty, all heaters have timer controls and toilets are fitted with low-volume dual-flush systems. The buildings are insulated all round with CFC-free ozone-friendly foam and all windows are double-glazed to minimise heat loss.

BAM ordered 16 Konstructa Energy-Saver units to cater for its site teams on the Shelton Hospital project. The premium-quality buildings were fitted out to create offices, toilet facilities, canteen and welfare accommodation for up to 130 on-site personnel at the peak of the project. Konstructa Hireprovided all office and canteen furniture to equip the buildings, a fully equipped kitchen and servery, as well as all signage. The units were painted with BAM's corporate livery to showcase the company's involvement in this flagship project.

Adrian continues: "The buildings arrived in pristine condition and were fully fitted out on site by Portakabin (Site Accommodation). That meant they were ready for our site teams to walk straight in and start work with no delays, which is exactly what they wanted.

"The buildings themselves are fantastic. This was the first time we had used Portakabin (Site Accommodation) on a major project like this, and we were extremely impressed by every aspect of their service, from the manner in which they dealt with us to the regular communication at every stage and the high standards of health and safety during installation. Most importantly, the people using the buildings on site are delighted with them." 

Demand for energy-efficient site buildings is increasing all the time, driven by both contractors and clients. We'll certainly be going back to Portakabin (Site Accommodation) to use their excellent buildings on future projects.

Adrian Myles, Accommodation Manager, BAM Construction

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