On remote or even city-centre sites there is often a need for high-performance anti-vandal units or anti-vandal offices that are designed and built to offer added protection. The starting point of 24-hour security for your property is to make sure that you install anti-vandal units from Portakabin to deter vandals before they even try.

  1. High-security anti-vandal units

    With high-security features such as, heavy-gauge steel doors and a 14-point locking system, these anti-vandal units from Portakabin are ready to take on the toughest of environments.

  2. Doors that do the job

    Portakabin anti-vandal units include anti-intrusion doors with anti-jemmy surrounds along with high-security ABIS-rated cylinder locks help to protect your anti-vandal offices and units against intrusive attack by vandals.

  3. Anti-vandal offices

    Once the workers have left for the night your offices may be a target for vandals. Choosing Portakabin for the added security features of anti-vandal offices can give you peace of mind.

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