Back in the 1950s Donald Shepherd had the inspired idea of using Porta as a prefix for his portable products. With an eye to the future, the prefix was secured as a registered trademark that now covers Portakabin and its products.


Portakabin has built up a series of PORTA- prefixed trademarks that distinguish its products, and the company has built its reputation in the UK based on this family of marks.

Historic timeline of registration

Take a look at our timeline showing some of our products and trademarks both past and present containing the Porta prefix:

  1. Portasilo

    Registered in the UK since 1954.

    Industrial silos for products such as grain.

  1. Portakabin

    Registered in the UK since 1963.

    The pioneer of modular construction in Europe, delivering interim and permanent bespoke buildings, of any size and to fulfil almost any application, site, and design.

  1. Portaloo

    Registered in the UK since 1966.

    A range of genuine Portakabin products that give customers an easy solution for portable temporary toilets, showers and changing rooms, and permanent standard longer-term additions to their buildings.

  1. Portastor

    Registered in the UK since 1969.

    These large, secure, portable storage units continue to be a popular product for many customers across a range of industries and sectors. The secure and robust design of Portastor units offers the ideal solution for high value or complex technical installations. 

  1. Xporta

    Registered in the UK since 1975.

    A range of easy to assemble units for international shipment.

  1. Porta

    Registered in the UK since 1977.

    The prefix used on genuine Portakabin products.

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