Portakabin is at the heart of our communities providing space for schools, hospitals and businesses.

Our Responsible Business approach is about growing Portakabin as a company and in a way that is beneficial for society. The focus for our activity is to create a positive social impact and go beyond the expected to benefit our customers, our people and the environment. Our approach has three key themes: 

Delivering an excellent customer experience through partners

We want to deliver an excellent customer experience. In order to achieve this, we will work with integrity and in partnership with our supply chain. We also aim to set high standards for those who work with us and keep engaging with our stakeholders.

A positive impact on people and communities

Creating a positive social impact is central to our operations. For our employees, that’s about ensuring this is a great place to work and for the wider community it’s our commitment to providing jobs, interacting with schools, supporting local wellbeing and contributing to charities and voluntary organisations.

Protecting our planet

We want to grow the business in a sustainable way that is not harmful to the environment. It’s important to us to reduce waste output and resource usage, increasing the use of renewable energy, and ensure intelligent, sustainable building design. 

Each theme has targets for the business to achieve by 2021.

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