Not many people realise that Portaloo® is a registered trademark and not a generic description

Some people think that the word Portaloo is a generic description for any temporary, chemical or portable toilet, but it's not. Portaloo is a registered trademark. That means its protected under law. A trademark is a symbol or word that is legally registered as representing a particular company or product. Only products such as portable toilets and shower units actually produced by Portakabin the company can use the name Portaloo to advertise or describe them.

  1. Portaloo, it's a trademark that's been registered for more than 50 years

    The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland holds a database of all registered trademarks and it can be accessed online to check on a trademark's validity. Portaloo is a fully protected trademark and Portakabin has been supplying high-quality products under the name Portaloo for more than 50 years. Those premium products include self-contained toilet blocks and showers of the highest quality as well as specialist units for people with disabilities and multi-cultural facilities. The products have been available for hire and sales.

    Recognising the value of the name Portaloo, Portakabin registered it on 15/02/1966. From then on only toilets, showers and washrooms manufactured by Portakabin have been able to legally use the name on them or in their promotion.


  2. We protect all customers by protecting our trademark

    Sometimes people misuse our trademarks and for the safety of our customers we have to do our utmost to stop that. We are proud of our name and the fact that it is the most recognised and respected trademark in the industry. It's a mark of excellence and an important element of our brand identity. It guarantees that when customers buy a genuine Portaloo product they are getting the genuine products and that standards of manufacture are maintained. Portaloo buildings are precision-manufactured under factory conditions then fitted out with non-chemical, full-flushing toilets, hot and cold running water and high-quality sinks, taps and showers.

    From time to time you might see other versions of the word 'Portaloo' referred to or promoted by other companies. We've seen them all from 'Porta loos' and 'Portaloos' to 'Porta-loo' or 'Port a loo'.   These are all misleading misuses of our trademark and do not guarantee a genuine Portaloo building.


In short

Portaloo is a registered, protected and exclusive trademark that can only be used to describe the products of the company Portakabin.

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