Did you know? Portakabin is a registered trademark.

The word Portakabin is a registered trademark and not, as some believe, the generic name for all modular or portable buildings. In fact, only buildings produced by Portakabin can be called Portakabin buildings. 

  1. A registered trademark for more than 50 years

    Portakabin was first registered as a protected trademark in 1961 and only buildings produced by Portakabin can use the word Portakabin in their description or name.

  2. We protect our trademark to protect you

    Sometimes people use our company name wrongly and we always work hard to prevent this. We are proud of our name and its standing as the most recognised trademark in the industry. It forms an important part of our brand identity and guarantees that when you buy a genuine Portakabin building you are getting the best quality available.


Any variations of the spelling that you see, such as 'Portacabin', ‘Porter cabin’ or 'Porta Cabin' are a misuse of our trademark and not a genuine Portakabin building.

In short

Only buildings manufactured by Portakabin can carry the name Portakabin.

Portakabin is a protected, exclusive trademark that can only be used to describe the products of the company Portakabin.

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