Did you know? Konstructa is a registered trademark. ’Konstructa’ is not an ordinary word but, in fact, a trademark registered in 2006. Since then, only buildings produced by Portakabin (Site Accommodation) can be called Konstructa buildings.

  1. We protect our trademark to protect you

    Sometimes people use our company name wrongly. As a leading provider of premium quality site accommodation, we always work hard to prevent this and protect our trademark.

    Occasionally you may come across the name ‘Konstructa’ in a variety of different, but potentially wrong scenarios and with incorrect spelling, such as ‘Constructa’ or ‘Konstructor’. As the only experts on this topic, we are best placed to clarify how our name should be used.

  2. In short

    Konstructa is a protected, exclusive trademark that can only be used to describe the products of the company Portakabin (Site Accommodation).

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