With the large open-plan spaces delivered by Portakabin, we can deliver a library building of any size, as a standalone structure or as an extension to an existing building.

Multi-functional space - quickly

Thanks to the way Portakabin buildings are constructed, with modules linked side-by-side, end-to-end and in multiple storeys, there is no limit to the size of building that can be created for you. What's more, inside, are vast column-free spaces that give you complete flexibility to lay out the interior just the way you want it.

Full, turnkey solution

All additional requirements for your building can be delivered as one, including shelving, data, lighting and climate control. You can source everything you need from Portakabin for a complete, ready-to-use environment.

Portakabin will handle everything from the initial building design through to installing the foundations, constructing your building and fully fitting it out with all the interior and exterior options you require.

Your Library from Portakabin

  • No limit to the size or configuration of library building that can be created
  • Completely flexible internal layouts enable you to create any combination of open plan reading areas, meeting rooms, canteens, reception areas, toilets and more
  • Choose from a range of interior and exterior options
  • Comfortable, well-insulated, air-tight buildings fitted with movement-sensitive PIR lighting for enhanced energy efficiency.

Use our online Visualiser to get started on customising your Portakabin building solution

Building visualiser
  1. Solutions to suit all budgets and timeframes

    It’s easy to get the buildings you need when you choose Portakabin. You can have the buildings you need for as long as you need them.

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  2. Much more than a building

    From concept to completion and beyond – there’s a specialist behind every stage of your project.

    With a truly 360˚ service from Portakabin, rest assured that there’s a team of modular experts managing every stage of your project and your modular building’s lifecycle.

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