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Why Hire from Portakabin?

Project Features

  • 26 buildings
  • Office, canteen, drying room and toilet facilities
  • Painted in the corporate colours of John Paul Construction
  1. Requirements

    John Paul Construction, a leading international infrastructure specialist, was awarded the contract to redevelop the former Bank of Ireland headquarters into a high-profile commercial office complex in the heart of Dublin. The project required site office and welfare accommodation for a workforce of more than 200 people over two years.

  2. Solution

    Keith O’Brien, Project Manager at John Paul Construction, says: “We had used anti-vandal buildings from Portakabin in the past and they were able to come up with a solution to the specific challenges associated with this site, which included a very restricted footprint and a congested city centre location, into which we had to fit a large number of site buildings.

    ”The team worked closely with John Paul Construction and its contracted engineers to devise a suitable three-storey installation on the narrow footprint. Despite the large overall site, there was only a limited area in which the buildings could be located without impacting the 24-month build programme.

    The Portakabin anti-vandal buildings chosen for the project are constructed from fully galvanised structural steel, making them robust, corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain. Window shutter guards, reinforced doors and anti-jemmy strips provide enhanced security.

    26 buildings of varying sizes were fitted out to provide office, canteen, drying room and toilet facilities for the site-based workforce. The buildings were painted in the corporate colours of John Paul Construction to create a uniform, attractive site complex.

The Portakabin anti-vandal buildings provide everything we need for our large workforce on site. So far they have performed very well and the people on site are happy with the quality of the facilities.

Keith O’Brien, Project Manager, John Paul Construction

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