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  • Interim office accommodation for 100 engineers
  • Hygienic 'gowning room' for staff entering the clean-room
  1. Requirements

    When world-leading biotechnology company, Genzyme, embarked on a €95m expansion project, it needed to find office accommodation for the 100 or so engineers who would be involved in the three-year project. The interim facilities not only needed to provide high-quality office space for the Genzyme staff and contractors, but also a hygienic ‘gowning room’ for staff entering the sterile, clean-room area of the main building.

  2. Solution

    Eoin Carroll, Project Engineer at Genzyme, says: “We wanted to give the project team the same quality of surroundings as they were accustomed to in their normal offices. We requested tenders from a number of modular building suppliers and finally chose Portakabin to provide our interim offices. They provided buildings of the standard we needed, as well as offering the most competitive deal.”Portakabin offers premium-quality modular buildings for hire, including the unrivalled

    Portakabin Ultima building system. This market leading system can be used to create bright, attractive buildings of any size or configuration. The versatile system offers exceptional levels of insulation and air-tightness, providing a comfortable, warm and welcoming office environment that’s also energy efficient.

    The Portakabin Ultima system was used to create the large single-storey office facilities required by Genzyme. Portakabin designed and built a separate two-module building for use as the gowning room, which would connect the non-sterile office building with the sterile areas of the main building.

The buildings from Portakabin Allspace fulfilled all our expectations and provided the ideal environment for the team working on this important project.

Eoin Carroll, Project Engineer, Genzyme

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