The Portakabin (Site Accommodation) team knows how to equip and adapt your construction site buildings to your requirements with a range of optional extras.

It could be something to keep the mud out of your site office; it might be to keep your team warm and dry, extra storage options, or monitoring devices for utilities. Whatever you require can be supplied as part of your building when we deliver it to site.

  1. Corporate Branding

    Working on highly visible construction sites gives you the ideal opportunity to showcase your company’s branding and to promote its professional image. The clean, smart white buildings available from Portakabin (Site Accommodation) give you the perfect blank canvas on which to display your corporate identity.

    The exterior of your buildings can be customised in many ways to suit your corporate image, and we can tailor a branding package to meet your requirements. We can apply vinyl logos or colour-match the building support legs and doors to your corporate colours.

  2. Furniture

    When you hire construction site accommodation from Portakabin, you don’t just get an empty shell. We can supply a range of high-quality furniture and fittings to equip your buildings ready for immediate use.

    Whether you need desks, chairs and filing cabinets for your site offices, or tables, lockers and workbenches for your canteens and changing rooms, you can source everything you need. We can even supply optional extras such as fridges and microwave ovens for mess rooms.

  3. Steps, staircases, platforms and links

    If you’re creating a large complex of site offices and welfare facilities, you need to ensure they are fully integrated and easy to access for everyone on site. You’ll also want to make the best use of the space available. That’s when the stacking capabilities of Portakabin (Site Accommodation) buildings are essential, facilitated by our range of steps, staircases, platforms and links.

  4. Boot Washing Stations

    A great way to keep your building clean, the 3-user point boot washing station features heavy-duty brushes to keep the station neat and removable floor grating for easy cleaning.

  5. Dehumidifiers

    Speeds up the clothes drying process and extracts the moisture from the building. Used in conjunction with the down flow heating it improves the efficiency of your drying room, saving up to €25.00 per week on energy bills.

  6. Wire Mesh Lockers

    Used alongside a dehumidifier, the open mesh provides secure storage whilst enabling wet clothes to dry quickly.

  7. Effluent Tanks and Monitors

    A visual and audio warning for waste levels in the effluent tank, enabling proactive planning of waste removal and reducing the risk of site closure due to overspill.

  8. Water Bowsers

    A 1,400 litre/300 gallon water bowser, providing a 4-bar pressure water supply and featuring anti-vandal steel housing and frost protection.

  9. Smoking Shelters

    A comfortable, safe and tidy smoking shelter with seating, cigarette bin and non-slip floor.

The Portakabin Site Accommodation team offers Damage Waiver for all hire buildings.

Many of our customers choose Portakabin Damage Waiver for added peace of mind.

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