The exacting standards required for hygienic, high-spec ophthalmology suites can be easily met with precision-engineered Portakabin buildings.

Designed for demanding specifications

Your ophthalmology suite will be designed by specialists who are experienced in healthcare building design. Manufactured to tolerances of 1mm, using state-of-the-art machinery, Portakabin buildings can feature concrete floors to support heavy equipment and provide response factors as low as 1. This gives a level of stability suitable for the diagnosis and treatment of sensitive eye disorders

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Your Ophthalmology Suite from Portakabin

  • Treatment room buildings can be stand-alone or linked to existing facilities
  • High-quality, comfortable and welcoming environments for patients
  • Hygienic interior environment, with vinyl flooring that extends over the skirtings for easy cleaning
  • Floors designed to the correct response criteria for specialist equipment
  1. Solutions for Ophthalmology Suites to suit all budgets and timeframes

    It’s easy to get the healthcare buildings you need, when you choose Portakabin. You can have the total financial flexibility of hiring for as long as you want. 

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  2. Much more than a building

    From concept to completion and beyond – there’s a specialist behind every stage of your project.

    With a truly 360˚ service from Portakabin, rest assured that there’s a team of modular experts managing every stage of your project and the lifecycle of your Ophthalmology Suite.

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