From cleanrooms to canteens and from offices to welfare, Portakabin is capable of delivering high-quality space in a fraction of the time to traditional construction.

With the industry expected to continue to increase manufacture of new products across the board, many biopharma companies are looking for ways to expand quickly into new territories and develop production on current locations.

Greg Maher from Portakabin explains, “With our experience and expertise in providing precision manufactured spaces, delivering to the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry comes as second nature to us. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality working environments in line with the demanding expectations of some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies.”

Dynamic and adaptive operations such as biopharma require a flexible response to demand. Portakabin is able to deliver space quickly to increase the ability to decant large volumes of a workforce into a location without risking an interruption to outputs.

“We have unrivalled experience in working with some of the biggest companies in Ireland at the moment; including MSD Brinny, Janssen, Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb. When these businesses require action quickly, Portakabin can create much needed space where and when it’s needed most. Our durability and flexibility ensures rapid delivery and timely installation, something we know is at the top of every Facilities Manager’s wish-list.”

With technical expertise working with a range of requirements, Portakabin has recently engineered, built and installed ‘Category 2’ laboratories for biochemical research at the University of Oxford as well as office space to cleanroom standards for biotechnology giant Genzyme.

When world-leading biotechnology company, Genzyme, based in Dungarvan, embarked on a €95m expansion project, it needed to find office accommodation for almost 100 engineers. The interim facilities not only needed to provide high-quality office space for the Genzyme staff and contractors, but also a hygienic ‘gowning room’ for staff entering the sterile, clean-room area of the main building.

“We offer premium-quality and using patented building systems, can create bright, attractive buildings of any size or configuration. This offers exceptional levels of insulation and air-tightness, providing a comfortable, warm and welcoming office environment that’s also energy efficient. Throughout the process, our project team will manage every aspect, from design through to installation and finishes.”

Greg continues: “For Genzyme, we designed and built a separate two-module building for use as the gowning room, which would connect the non-sterile office building with the sterile areas of the main building. We had to ensure the building met the strict cleanroom standards required to satisfy Genzyme’s rigorous quality-control procedures. The gowning room was designed to be positioned five metres above the ground on structural steel supports, so that it gave direct access to both sterile and non-sterile areas of the site.”

We wanted to give the project team the same quality of surroundings as they were accustomed to in their normal offices. We chose Portakabin to provide our interim offices and they provided buildings of the standard we needed, as well as offering the most competitive deal. The buildings fulfilled all our expectations and provided the ideal environment for the team working on this important project.

Eoin Carroll, Project Engineer, Genzyme
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