Portakabin (Ireland) achieved ‘Higher Distinction’ at the 30th National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) Awards held on 4 November 2021.

Since first entering in 2018, Portakabin (Ireland) has consistently been recognised at the NISO awards however this is the businesses highest achievement to date.

Receipt of an NISO award “demonstrates the positive and proactive culture of safety management in a business”. Widely recognised as the premier safety awards in Ireland, competition for recognition is strong.

Mahon Devereux, Director and General Manager of Portakabin (Ireland) commented,

“We are delighted to have achieved ‘Higher Distinction’ at the NISO Safety Awards. In the present challenging climate, this recognition demonstrates our consistent and proactive approach to uphold exceptional standards of health and safety in the pursuit of our vision of Zero Harm.

“Receipt of this award is thanks to our whole team for their unwavering commitment and diligence to keeping Portakabin a safe place to work.”

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