World-Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Building Use

Office space and welfare facilities

Procurement Method


Why Hire from Portakabin

Project Features

  • Office space with meeting rooms
  • Staff canteen facilities
  • Full turnkey package
  • Building services including lighting, electrics and internal furniture
  • Two external stair pods for access
  1. Requirements

    A world-leading pharmaceutical company required additional space to facilitate displaced staff during a sizable expansion to their Cork plant. The buildings were required to provide both office space and a canteen facility for a three-year period, without disrupting the plant’s day-to-day operations.

  2. Solution

    Portakabin delivered a two-story modular complex, comprised of 38 Portakabin Ultima modules and totalling over 1500m2 of space. The temporary office space, internally fitted with additional amenities including electrics, lighting and air conditioning was completed with two external stair pods for access providing a large, comfortable office environment for the company’s employees.

    This new complex has also provided the pharmaceutical company with canteen facilities and additional toilets whilst being fully compliant with Part L regulations. This high-quality modular building is a full turnkey solution and was installed separately to the main plant to not interrupt the company’s daily operations and allowing them to proceed with their expansion project as planned.

We are proud to have delivered this large, complex building to our client in Cork, without causing disruption to the day-to-day operations of the pharmaceutical plant. Multiple teams within Portakabin were able to successfully install and complete this two-storey complex, whilst working alongside other client appointed contractors. Both the client and team at Portakabin are thrilled with the outcome.

Paul Dinneen, Regional Hire Manager, Portakabin

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