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Project Features

  • 16 classrooms
  • Laboratories and preparation rooms for physics, biology, chemistry and home economics
  • Toilets for pupils and staff
  • Offices and store rooms
  1. Requirements

    When prestigious boys' school Blackrock College undertook a major construction programme to update and rebuild its 147-year-old senior school, the buildings housing its second and third year pupils had to be demolished. As a result, extensive temporary facilities were required so that the boys' education could continue uninterrupted. With its reputation for both academic and sporting excellence, it was essential that the school sourced high-quality interim accommodation to uphold its high standards.

  2. Solution

    The school's building contractor, Michael McNamara & Co, approached Ireland's leading modular building supplier, Portakabin Allspace, for a solution.

    Buildings were required to house 16 classrooms, laboratories and preparation rooms for physics, biology, chemistry and home economics, toilets for pupils and staff, offices and store rooms.

    Portakabin worked closely with the school and its architects on the design and layout of this large-scale temporary accommodation, to ensure that it fulfilled all of the school's requirements. Versatile Portakabin Duplex modules were chosen, as these can be linked in a variety of configurations, providing the flexibility to create everything from large column-free spaces to individual offices and store rooms.

To create the full range of facilities required, the school hired 64 Duplex modules, which were delivered to site by Portakabin on the agreed date. Once in position, fixtures and fittings were installed and services connected to create complete teaching facilities for the second and third year boys. This interim teaching complex will be in place for 15 months until building work is completed on the new senior school.

Parents were invited to see the new buildings, and they were delighted with the bright, clean and well laid out facilities. Everyone has been really impressed with the quality of the accommodation.

Alan MacGinty, Principal, Blackrock College

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