Your genuine pre-owned Portakabin building will be fully refurbished and fitted out to your specifications, to comply with all permanent building regulations. And it’s not just single cabins that can benefit from recycling. Using refurbished modules we can deliver buildings of any size.

Why buy a refurbished Portakabin building?

Pre-owned Portakabin buildings give you excellent value for money while retaining all the quality of Portakabin.

Unlike traditional building we are able to re-use the structural steel frame of a previously used Portakabin building. This means your budget will stretch further and you get the confidence of knowing your building still benefits from the high-quality, precision-engineering of a genuine Portakabin building.

  1. Your building delivered up to 70% faster than traditional build

    Largest selection of previously owned Portakabin buildings immediately available from stock. We typically hold 30,000m2 of stock giving you a faster return on investment.

  2. Quality-assured buildings backed by 10-year structural warranty cover

    To assure you of the quality and structural integrity of our refurbished Portakabin buildings, we will provide you with a 3-year product warranty – covering the external fabric, and a 10-year structural warranty – covering the structural, load-bearing elements.

  3. Unique on-time, on-budget promise

    We promise to deliver your building on time and on budget. And we back that up. In the unlikely event that we ever fail to deliver on time, we will refund 1% of your contract value for every week we are late.

    However, you'll be reassured to know that we have a track record of delivering 99.7% of projects on time and on budget.

    on time, on budget promise
  4. Recycled sustainability

    Constructing your building from recycled second-hand modules is a highly sustainable alternative to new build.

  5. Refurbished for every application

    Whatever type of building you need, Portakabin (Refurbished) can supply it, from offices, classrooms and health centres to laboratories, canteens, changing rooms and much more.

  6. Stand-alone cabins, multi-storey buildings – and everything in between

    Portakabin offers the UK’s largest stock of pre-owned Portakabin buildings, ranging from single self-contained cabins in a range of sizes to versatile modular building systems that enable you to create buildings of any size, up to three storeys, or any configuration and for any number of people.

  7. One-stop-shop service

    When you buy a pre-owned building from Portakabin you can leave everything to us – from architectural design and planning permission applications through to delivering and installing your building and fitting it out with everything from carpets and furniture to access and alarm systems. If required, we are happy to work with your architects – and we can act as main contractor for the entire project.


Fully equipped and ready to use

Your building can be fitted-out with everything you request, from climate control and security alarms to carpets, lifts and a host of other interior and exterior options. 

After sales support

You can rest assured that our service doesn't end once your building is delivered. Our specialist customer service team are always on hand to provide ongoing support, advice and maintenance services to ensure your building continues to deliver optimum performance throughout its life.

Flexibility for the future

Refurbished modular buildings are easily adapted to meet your changing requirements. They can be extended, reduced, reconfigured or even relocated, with the minimum of fuss.

As a school, we are very passionate about the environment and it really appealed to us that refurbished buildings are a highly sustainable alternative to new build because the steel structure is recycled.

Nadine Doble, Business Manager, The Piggott School
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